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Reduce the chemicals in your beauty routine.

on May 03, 2014

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Close to 60% of the topical products that our largest organ ‘the skin’ comes into contact with are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This means that our skin is a valuable pathway in which to deliver nutrients to our body. We must also protect it from chemicals and environmental chemicals, which is why using natural and chemical free skin care products is beneficial for our wellbeing.

When choosing beauty products, look for products that contain ingredients that are as natural as possible. Read the label, use ingredient databases on apps and websites that tell you what the ingredients are and their possible side effects or uses. When looking for a moisturiser look for cold pressed natural vegetable oils, as they are a great source of nourishment for the skin. As for cleansers, look for organic and mild cleansers that won’t strip the good flora from the skin. Choose fragrance free. Fragrance is usually toxin laden and best avoided, so unless it specifies that it contains essentials oils I would avoid anything with fragrance as an ingredient.

Nature’s Sunshine’s MiraCell skin oil is a unique blend of the finest quality botanical extracts and is a great choice when it comes to clean ingredients and nourishment. It is brimming with herbal vitamins and minerals, and is especially formulated to work with distressed or poor skin conditions anywhere on your body. It also makes an excellent moisturiser to use as part of your daily skin care regime to soften and nurture your skin. Being a blend of oils, Miracell is also a great barrier to protect the skin and body from environmental pollution and toxins.

MiraCell can be used to soothe, refresh and refine, condition, moisturise and tone. It is great for:

Sun and wind burns

Chapped lips and hands

Irritated skin or rashes

Insect bites

Wrinkles and scars

Calluses and cuticles

Some people also find it beneficial in helping to relieve inflamed, sensitive, dry, flaky or itchy skin. MiraCell can also gently remove eye make-up safely and be applied to the ear area in preparation for having a hearing aid fitted or where hearing aids may be causing skin irritation.

So consider your daily beauty routine and make the switch today from chemical laden products and petrol based moisturisers to products that will feed and protect your skin.


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