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NEWSTART - 8 Laws of Health Part 1

on September 10, 2013

Health is sadly often one of those things that you only appreciate what you had when it is gone. Have you ever been overcome with a virus and felt so sick it left you shaky for days and you wonder if you’ll ever feel energetic again? Or are you fed up with wishing you felt a certain way but never know where to start? Let’s look at something simple and easy to follow. It’s called NEWSTART, an acronym for the so called “eight laws of health”. These are eight precepts that help you achieve optimal health and wellbeing, they are simple enough, and when adhered to may help your body heal bringing it to a state of vitality that is perfect for you.

N - Nutrition

E - Exercise

W - Water

S - Sunshine

T - Temperance

A - Air

R - Rest

T - Trust

In this article we will explore the first three "NEW" and next month with the last five "START".

Nutrition is more than just avoiding refined foods, sugar and salt and not snacking, it’s basket of vegetablesabout the nutrients we supply our bodies. Including in our diet a large variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, legumes and whole grains, cold pressed extra virgin natural oils, keeping our meals as fresh and simple as much as possible will give your body the nutrients it needs without the additives. Fresh is best, frozen is the next best, dried is ok but just remember the more that humans do to food the less nutritional value it has left once it is packaged, so eat fresh and raw as much as possible. So try adding a fruit or veg salad to every meal!

Exercise is more than joining the gym, it’s doing something that gets you moving butexercise that you also enjoy. Find a physical activity that you enjoy and you are more likely to participate in it regularly than buying a gym membership or a treadmill that you have to force yourself to use. Exercise stimulates the immune system, happy hormones production (serotonin), helps weight and stress management, and can even help you get more sleep! Muscle tone and strength are lost without exertion, but exercise improves the health of body, mind, and spirit multiplying vitality and health. And it is true that exercise in moderation will boost your energy and self esteem! So try parking the car further and walking, take the stairs and/or join a sport.

Water is vital for human existence. We are approximately 60% water, it is a natural watercomponent of many foods, and all living things have high water content. When talking about water and health most people think about the eight glasses per day that they should be drinking. But all fluids that are ingested make a huge difference to our overall health. Soft drinks are extremely acidic in the body. It takes 20 cups of alkaline water to neutralise one glass of soft drink- not even alcohol is that acidic! Can you imagine how much healthier our bodies would be if we stopped putting the equivalent of battery acid (fizzy drinks) and other toxic concoctions in our system instead of pure water. Because our bodies are such high water content every cup of fluid ingested makes a difference. Our body will be in its healthiest state if it is alkaline, so drinking alkalising drinks and water is the best way to achieve this.

The other aspect of water for health is hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is the use of hot and/or cold and/or mineralised water to stimulate the immune system, assist the removal of waste from the body, provide nutrients and relieve pain. Next time you are unwell try a hot and cold shower to get your lymph flowing and aid recovery, or take a holiday near some hot water springs. I like to finish my hot shower off with cold water; this stimulates circulation, tightens skin and pores and gets the immune system ready for the day.


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