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Herbal Hot Line: 1800 687 577

Between: 8.30am & 4.30pm E.S.T. Monday to Friday

A fully qualified Naturopath is available to talk to you on nutritional and herbal matters. Our Naturopaths cannot diagnose or prescribe on serious health conditions which should be directed to a professional Health Care Practitioner.

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I have been taking a product, somewhat similar to LBS, on a daily basis for some time. I discovered last fall that I am gluten-sensitive; I stopped eating gluten and the bellyaches and diarrhoea soon went away. Recently I seem to get flareups when I take the herbal product, … Read More


I want to order on line. Stores don't keep a large range. I'm looking for Cordyceps and Tumeric in particular Read More


I've been taking Breastfeeding Support for over a month. I currently have a good milk supply and my baby is 5 months old. How long should I continue to take it, and when I stop taking it, do I gradually decrease the dosage? Thank you! Read More


I have purchased Pau D'Arco for a fungal infection in my toe question is on the label the latin name is Handroanthus heptaphylus however when I do a 'google scholar' search on this latin name nothing shows up ? is this the same product as Tabebuia avellanedae or … Read More