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Kava Calm
Kava Calm is a synergistic blend of two calming herbs Kava and Passionflower and is specifically formulated to support relaxation and help calm mild anxiety and promote sound sleep. This powerful herbal combination can assist those who experience symptoms such as feeling stressed, anxious and restless or have difficulty sleeping.

Kava kava (Piper methysticum)
Kava is native to the Islands of the South Pacific and drinking kava as a water infused beverage has been an integral part of Pacific Island cultures for many centuries. It is consumed on social occasions to promote relaxation and socialising, reduce anxiety and afterwards encourage restful sleep. The name kava derives from the Polynesian word 'awa' meaning bitter, referring to the characteristic taste of the kava root beverage.

Kava has been the focus of much research, and studies report that Kava affects neurotransmitters in the brain, specifically those that influence mood and sleep. The kavalactones are the main active constituents in Kava, considered to be responsible for the herb's therapeutic effects. Clinical results indicate that 60-120mg of kavalactones daily may help alleviate mild anxiety and nervous tension. Kava Calm contains a 100% aqueous extract of kava root sourced from Vanuatu and provides the full spectrum of kava constituents including a standardised dose of the active kavalactones.

Most of us have enjoyed the sweet fruit from a passionfruit vine, however it is the leaves and flowering tops of the Passiflora incarnata variety that are used for medicinal purposes. Passionflower is valued in Western Herbal Medicine for its calming properties and is used to help relieve nervous tension and anxiety. It is also regarded as having a gentle sedative effect, beneficial to help relieve restlessness and assist those who are troubled by poor sleep.

Day & Night Use
Taken during the day, Kava Calm may help reduce overactivity in the nervous system, inducing feelings of calmness, relaxation and wellbeing. When stress and worries interfere with a good night's sleep, Kava Calm can be taken before bed to help relax the mind and body and encourage restful sleep. Kava Calm can be used on an occasional 'as needed' basis, as well as being suitable for regular use for those who need more consistent support for symptomatic anxiety relief.

Restore Your Inner Calm
Symptoms such as feeling stressed, anxious, restless and having difficulty sleeping are common concerns and signs that you may be having trouble relaxing. The combination of Kava and Passionflower creates a calming formula to help relax the mind and body, alleviate mild anxiety and promote sound sleep. Kava Calm is an effective and versatile product that can help bring the calm back into your life.

Due to regulatory restrictions in Western Australia, the sale of Kava (Piper methysticum) or Kava containing products is not permitted.

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