Health Adventure - Getting the Ball Rolling


Half way through the Nature's Sunshine Detox and I have to admit I’m enjoying it.

The first few days I was really hungry, especially the second day, but as I have continued whether my stomach has shrank or my body is getting used to the amount of food I am eating, it has gotten easier.

I still looking lovingly at the chocolate slice and the banana cake that are in the kitchen but I am finding it easier to say not today.

That might surprise you that we still have cakes and slices in the kitchen, but with two small daughters and a wife who cooks wonderfully, normal daily life continues for them and I get to watch. I have been asking my wife to describe the taste of the cakes, just to punish myself, but happily she doesn’t oblige.

I have never eaten so many vegetable in my life. Salad and cucumber on my sandwiches and steamed vegetables for dinner. I have been keeping to a palm size bit of meat with dinner for the protein. I have also been enjoying a lot more fruit and some nuts for snacking.

Apart from the Detox drink, I am only drinking water, which I thought would be the hardest, I do love my soft drink, but surprisingly it has been fine.

vegetablesThe thing that keeps me going is the changes when I weight myself every morning and the amount of energy I have at the moment. I will come back to that in a little bit.

Taking the Detox drink every morning and evening is going great. It gets my system moving first thing in the morning and fills me up at night so that I don’t eat as much for dinner.

The herb capsules, as well as the drink, have gotten my digestive system moving. I went to the toilet frequently at the beginning of the week, but that has subsided and my family have enough mentioned that I am not as smelly, when I pass wind.

I have not been exercising enough though. I did go and play some basketball on the weekend, which was surprisingly fun, but that’s it. I feel like my body is starting to stabilise and get used to what I am doing so my goal this second week is to increase the amount of exercise I do, to continue to push myself.

You probably realised that I deliberately avoided mentioning my weight last week. I know it’s not about weight, it’s about being healthy, but weight can be such a powerful motivating force either in positive or negative ways.

Truthfully I was embarrassed and still am about how much I let my weight grow, but to share my excitement and feelings about the my health journey, you should have all the information, so here goes.

Last week, before the program, my weight was 131kg.

I know, not good.

The important word I used though, is the word was.scales

In the first week of my health adventure I have lost 6.2kg and I am super pumped about it.

More than anything this is what is got my going, kept my on track and made me want to continue. I haven’t been below 100kg since 2000, over 12 years ago and for the first time, I feel like I can get there again.

It’s not going to happen this week or this month but maybe, maybe it can happen this year if I continue to eat better, exercise often and have faith in myself.

6.2Kg down 24.8kg to go.

Let’s do it!!



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