Beat Bloating and wind with Activated Charcoal



Over the festive season, with all the celebrating and catching up with family and friends, who can’t help but over-indulge on all the glorious food, drinks, sweet desserts and chocolates?

It’s only natural and realistic to celebrate and indulge over the festive season or at a party. The challenge is how to deal with the fall out after all the merriment. The next day we’re often left with uncomfortable digestive symptoms including tummy cramps, feeling of fullness, constant wind, bloating and sometimes a hangover.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to bounce back from or beat the bloating and other symptoms of overindulgence – naturally?

Now there is a solution for the symptoms of over-indulgence of festive food and drinks – Nature’s Sunshine’s NEW Activated Charcoal.

Activated charcoal is carbon that has been activated with oxidised gases (such as steam or air) at high temperature, making the carbon incredibly porous that it adsorbs and binds gas, toxins or foreign substances to its surface.

When activated charcoal is taken orally by the body, it acts like a “magnet” to adsorb gas, toxins or foreign substances from the stomach or intestine, including drugs and chemicals.

The charcoal itself is not “digested”, but remains in the digestive tract until eliminated along with the toxins through a bowel movement.

The beauty of Nature’s Sunshine’s Activated Charcoal is that you can detox from the over-indulgence of festive food and drinks (delicious dinners, sweet desserts, chocolates, coffee and alcohol) simply with a few capsules after your meal.

If you find yourself over-indulging on those exotic and foreign foods on your next holiday, Activated Charcoal is a must to pack in any suitcase or backpack. Activated Charcoal can help adsorb those toxins and other nasties when the travel stomach bug bites.

Nature’s Sunshine Activated Charcoal is particularly useful to provide relief of dyspepsia or abdominal discomfort. This includes indigestion, abdominal fullness, bloating, wind, heartburn, nausea and belching.

Detox and recover from the festive and holiday bloat naturally – with Nature’s Sunshine’s Activated Charcoal.



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