Crafted by Sunlight



Last month Nature's Sunshine USA CEO Terrence Moorehead announced that Nature’s Sunshine would become one of Utah’s, the American State's first solar-powered companies. Our world-class manufacturing facility has recently converted to 100% solar energy! This means that each capsule, tablet, liquid, and powder shipped to you from our US manufacturing plant will be created with power harnessed from nature’s solar energy system!


Our love of sharing the healing power of nature with the world was instilled by our founders in 1972. Doing our part to be a sustainable company and protecting nature influences everything we do. For over 50 years, we have harnessed nature’s power to support you in your health journey. And now, we get to harness that power in a new and exciting way!


By using solar energy in our manufacturing plant, we:

  • Beat our goal of manufacturing using 100% renewable energy by 2023 by 6 months
  • Will power 91% of our U.S. operations and 82% of our global operations with solar energy
  • Reduced our CO2 emissions by 42% (the equivalent of removing 300 cars from the road), which is a giant step to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2025

    By going solar, we are not only dedicated to eco-friendly renewable energy, but we’re also dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint. Currently 50% of our US corporate office is powered by solar energy, and we’ve reduced power usage at our manufacturing facility by 25%!
    Moving forward, we are striving to reduce waste produced in our manufacturing processes by 35%, with an end goal of zero waste to landfill from all US distribution centers by 2025.


    With aggressive environmental and social wellness goals, we are striving to be a sustainable company and be environmentally and socially responsible at every level of our supply chain. We are working hard every day to:

    • Protect nature and preserve power through sustainable, eco-friendly operations
    • Minimize waste to landfill by creating more sustainable processes
    • Elevate the wellness of our customers and employees
    • Support our farmers through sustainable sourcing
    • Nurture natural healers and health enthusiasts
    • Embrace diversity and inclusion in our company and community

      Becoming a company that uses solar energy for manufacturing is a monumental step and we are so excited! Celebrate with us as we continue to commit to sustainability!

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