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PH is basically a measure of how acid or alkaline a substance is. All organic matter, including the human body has a pH level. The pH scale covers a range from zero to 14, where seven is neutral, less than seven is acidic, and above seven is alkaline. The ideal blood pH is 7.4, very slightly on the alkaline side of neutral. Healthy metabolic processes require an alkaline environment.

Too much acid

Unfortunately, modern diet and lifestyles are making our bodies overly acidic. Meat, pasta, sugar and processed foods are all highly acidic. Even protein, cereals and grains can cause what is known as metabolic acidosis. This is where the body is forced to neutralise excess acid by using minerals such as calcium which, if not available elsewhere in the body, is taken from our bones! When acid levels build up to intolerable levels, the bloodstream deposits the acid as crystals in the body’s various joints. Here they form spurs that literally cement the joints together, replacing the natural synovial fluids that lubricate joints and causing the telltale symptoms of arthritis. Bacteria, viruses, fungi and all disease-producing organisms flourish in an acidic medium and die in alkaline conditions. So once our body pH starts to drop below neutral, we are opening the door to disease.

Increasing Alkalinity

Thankfully, high acid levels are easy to correct with simple dietary changes: eat more alkaline food, such as raw vegetables, fruits and nuts, and cut back on processed foods, meat and sugar. You can also take the following alkaline-forming supplements.

Liquid Chlorophyll: Plants produce chlorophyll through a chemical process called photo-synthesis, liquid chlorophyll has the same effect on the body as iron, building blood naturally. It is a powerful tonic, purifying the liver and removing toxins from bones, blood, tissues and intestines while building up red blood cells. Because liquid chlorophyll helps to thicken and strengthen cell walls, it also benefits the immune system.

Liquid chlorophyll helps the body heal faster, deodorises the bowel and keeps the colon healthy by destroying disease causing bacteria. It is non-toxic and soothes body tissues, so is considered very safe for people of all ages. Always choose an ethanol or alcohol-free brand. Liquid chlorophyll has increased in popularity since well-known Australian model Megan Gale announced she finds it great for her skin: ‘I drink two to three litres of water a day and, whenever possible, I add chlorophyll to it.’ Gale says she has been drinking chlorophyll with her water for over a year now, adding 30 ml of the dark green supplement to her water bottle each day. ‘I enjoy it more than just drinking plain water, so it actually helps me drink more water,’ she adds. ‘It’s nothing I can show or prove, but it makes me feel clean from the inside and I do feel like my complexion is a bit better and my eyes are a bit clearer.’

Spirulina: This natural plant algae is extremely alkalising and a fantastic source of energy. It is also a rich source of minerals, vitamins and essential nutrients and can even be taken during pregnancy.

Alfalfa: If you don’t want to munch on alfalfa sprouts all day, you might prefer taking them in capsule form. Alfalfa, like liquid chlorophyll, is a systemic alkaliser. Alfalfa also provides a complete source of protein, which is very useful for vegetarians. So it’s worthwhile keeping your acid/alkaline balance in check, if for no other reason than to keep your bones healthy and your energy level at an optimum.

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