Herbal boost for men


For the serious athletes among us, there is now a legal way to boost your stamina and endurance.

Stamina and endurance

Serious athletic training can be taxing to the body and it requires stamina to stick to a long term training program. It can be confusing to know which supplements will boost stamina and endurance without being considered performance enhancing.

The answer may lie with an unusual Chinese herb called Cordyceps. Cordyceps is one of the most valued medicinal fungi in Chinese medicine and is considered one of the most potent.

Performance boost

Studies show that Cordyceps helps maintain stamina and endurance and is believed to be the reason behind the success of the Chinese track and field team in 1993 when performance enhancing drugs were suspected but not detected. The coach revealed that the team was drinking a tonic made from Cordyceps sparking interest in the use of the herb.

Clinical studies support the use of this herb for boosting endurance and stamina as well as relieving fatigue, particularly post-exercise fatigue. Due to its rarity, it is important to source a commercially grown CS-4 strain of Cordyceps that is made through a patented fermentation process.   The CS-4 form of Cordyceps was used in most clinical trials and contains the highest amount of cordyceptic acid. The patented manufacturing process also ensures it is free of pesticides.

Cordyceps needs to be taken for 3-4 weeks before you will begin to notice an improvement. An added bonus is that Cordyceps appears to boost low testosterone levels and improve male sexual performance.

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