Meet Nature's Sunshine's Oldest Ambassador

video interview with Wallace Edwards on lessons learned at 104 years of age

Wallace Edwards has lived an extraordinary life. Born in 1916, Wallace has lived through part of World War I and served in World War II. He is old enough to have lived during two global pandemics; the Spanish Flu and COVID19. Being raised in the great depression, Wallace came from poverty and worked his way to success in business and family life. Wallace has been regularly taking Nature's Sunshine products for the past 24 years. He'll be turning 104 this November.

The most impressive thing we discovered about Wallace was not his age or even his accomplishments.

It's his attitude.

Living With Purpose

The main thing in life really, is to get hate and anger out of your heart, because that only comes back on you.

In our interview, Wallace spoke openly about work, service, forgiveness, and love. If you haven't got love in your life, you haven't got anything, he said. It seems that much of what has kept Wallace going so many years has been his attitude to helping others.

Wallace's advice to being happy:

Stop whingeing! If there's something wrong with you, you've only got to walk down the street and you'll see many, many people who are worse off than you. Instead, he suggests we adopt the habit of asking ourselves Who am I going to help today?

Wallace lives his message. He has served as the Welfare Officer for the Harbord Diggers for 26 years now, spending over 2 1/2 decades visiting the sick, sad and lonely. Wallace keeps a detailed record of everyone he visits; who they are, what challenges they face, and how he can contact them. His records contain the names of hundreds of people, many of whom he has spent years caring for until they passed away.

A Quarter Century of Taking Nature's Sunshine Products

Wallace discovered the power of Nature's Sunshine products nearly 25 years ago. His favourite is Black Walnut, which he says is extremely good for my bowels.

Want to Share Your Experience with Nature's Sunshine Products?

As a company, we find great satisfaction in learning that our efforts to create sustainable, natural products are making a difference in the lives of those who take them. Have an experience that you'd like the share about Nature's Sunshine Products? Email us at

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