Spring Clean your Health, Finances and your Life


This is my favourite time of year…..

The sun is shining longer, nature is showcasing gardens of vibrant colours and essence of new wildlife, local school fetes are a plenty and the streets are lined with glorious pink cherry blossoms.

Spring has officially sprung. It’s time for new beginnings, time to spring clean your life, finances, health, mind and body.

The perfect time to start a Spring detox.

Part I

The kitchen

  • Clean out the pantry and fridge, particularly of processed and packaged foods, condiments and sugar-laden foods.
  • Spring is all about fresh foods, colourful fruits and vegetables and fibre (Brussel sprouts, broccoli, psyllium, etc.) to help clean the bowels.
  • Keep a jug of fresh water, infused with fruits (citrus such as lime and lemons and also fruit such as cucumbers or strawberries are tasty) to encourage hydration and cleansing through the day.

The house, car, office, any other space in your life

  • Gather clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. which have not been worn for the past 18 months and collect books, nic nacs, gadgets etc. which are no longer used and donate them to charity
  • Declutter your home and have a garage sale
  • Declutter and clean your car and office space
  • Replace pillows which are over 3 years old
  • Clean out the front and back yard of all debris, leaves and weeds
  • Clean the entry of your home, particularly the front door, welcome mat, fallen leaves and place healthy plants to the side of the door to welcome in positive energy into the home

Your Finances

  • Ensure flow in your finances for prosperity. Spring is a time to complete your tax return, organise your investments and budget expenses.

Next week:

Part II of the Spring detox looks at the body and mind


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