Herbal Spotlight - Burdock


Nature’s best kept hidden secret for skin health  

Known as a “Blood purifier” Burdock has been used for centuries in traditional Western herbal medicine to clear the bloodstream of toxins and help promote blood circulation to the skin to improve skin health.

Burdock scientifically know as Arctium lappa originated from northern Europe to northeast Asia including northern India. Burdock root is an underground tuber of greater burdock plant which is used as a vegetable and medicinal herb. 


What are the health benefits of Burdock?   

  • Skin health  

Burdock has been used for centuries in traditional Western herbal medicine to assist in improving skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. It is believed that burdocks blood-cleansing and internal cooling properties can increase circulation, strengthen the capillaries under the dermatitis layer and eliminate waste and toxins from the skin. Consumption of burdock also help reduce the effects of aging by retaining collagen and reducing inflammation.

  • Aids Detoxification 

Used in western herbal medicne as a depurative, which are herbs that are considered to have purifying and detoxifying effects. Burdock can  help improve the detoxification processes in the body 

  • Increases urine output 

Burdock root acts as a natural diuretic, this efficient removal of fluids from the body can offer relief to people retaining water.

  • Relives mild rheumatic aches and pains 

Burdock root contains anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce pain and inflammation in joints.  

Always read the label. Follow directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. For adults use only  

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