Helpful Hints

Selecting and Taking Nature's Sunshine Products

Natures's Sunshine herbs have been especially formulated for the self treatment of minor ailments and are not intended to treat serious disorders which should be under the supervision and care of a professional medical practitioner. It is recommended that herbs are not taken during pregnancy unless under the strict supervision of a professional health care practitioner.

Now that you have decided to start using herbs, here are some helpful hints.

  1. Start slowly. Some herbs have been known to increase the body''s natural process of elimination, so expect to visit the bathroom a little more than usual. If you are taking laxative herbs you should lower the dosage to establish comfortable, regular bowel movements. Vomiting should never occur through the use of laxative herbs. If this occurs, cease taking the preparation immediately and consult your professional health or medical practitioner. Remember laxatives should only be taken occasionally as they can lead to dependance and cause serious bowel disease if taken too frequently.

  2. A runny nose is naturopathically interpreted as throwing off excess mucous. Sometimes this is desirable and should cease in a short time. You may also notice a sense of wellbeing in the head or lung area.

  3. Allow time for the herbs to do their work. Take them every day until bottle is empty before making your judgement.

  4. Unless otherwise stated by your professional health care practitioner, take the dosage recommended on the label.

  5. Drink a full glass of purified water with the herbs, particularly when ingesting Capsicum or formulas containing Capsicum, as some people can experience burping and repeating. Juices are acceptable alternatives, however avoid taking milk.

  6. Avoid mucous forming foods such as milk, milk products, sugar and white flour whilst taking herbs. Alternatively, yoghurt and low fat milk and cheese would be a good choice.

  7. Remember, these are herb plants, which have been picked, cleaned, ground to a powder and put in gelatin capsules. There are no artificial binders or fillers.