I've been taking Breastfeeding Support


I've been taking Breastfeeding Support for over a month. I currently have a good milk supply and my baby is 5 months old. How long should I continue to take it, and when I stop taking it, do I gradually decrease the dosage? Thank you!

Naturopath’s Answer

Hi Suzana,

Thankyou for contacting Nature’s Sunshine and it’s great to hear that our Breastfeeding Support has helped with your milk supply.

You can continue taking this product for as long as you need support with breast milk supply as it can continue to encourage healthy milk flow. Once you have established a good milk supply like it sounds you have, I would suggest taking it for one more month and then weaning off it as your milk supply can then often be self-maintained. Once you are ready to come off it, start by gradually reducing the dose, for example if you are taking 4 capsules per day, reduce first down to 3 per day and then to 2 per day and then 1 daily over a period of 2-3 weeks to allow you to monitor any changes in your milk supply. If you find that your breast milk supply becomes insufficient, you may need to continue taking it at the recommended dose for a longer period.

It is also important to stay well hydrated while breastfeeding by keeping your water intake up to keep milk production at its best. With the extra demand on your body, ensure your diet focuses on whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables with adequate amounts of protein, iron and calcium to satisfy yours and your baby’s nutritional requirements.

Please note that Breastfeeding Support is not recommended to be taken during pregnancy, so if you fall pregnant again whilst using Breastfeeding Support, it is best to stop taking it and seek further advice.

Wishing you and your baby the best of health.