Our Product Guarantee

If for some reason a customer is dissatisfied with any Nature’s Sunshine product we will happily provide a full refund or replacement to the same value.

Nature’s Sunshine Products have an enviable reputation as being of the highest quality, with consistency of ingredients and proven usage. We are proud of this history and will continue to adhere to these very strict standards, delivering the best possible health solutions for all Australians. This superior standard automatically positions our product as being a premium brand and in our pricing we will demonstrate value, which means the best solution for your money, but not the cheapest price.

We have chosen to deliberately stand apart from the growing mega-mass of ordinary products, which predominantly sell on price. Instead, we have chosen a niche market position where our products will stand on their own and be chosen by those who value quality of ingredients and results, backed by excellent product information.

‘Refund or Replacement Terms & Conditions’ If you are dissatisfied with any Nature’s Sunshine product you are using, please return the unused portion with all of its original packaging to:

Nature’s Sunshine Products,

PO Box 6884, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153.

Telephone: (02) 9894 0111  

We will refund the purchase price of the product or provide a replacement product to the same value once the following conditions have been met. Money Back Guarantee is valid for purchases within Australia ONLY. Claim for refund or replacement product to the same value must be made within 90 days of the purchase date. You must provide the original purchase receipt (copies not accepted). Refund does not include any postage or freight charges you may have incurred when purchasing this product or sending it back to us for your claim. Maximum refund will not exceed the recommended retail price of the product on date of purchase.