Say Nice words and Glow with health!



Naturopath Tip of the week: Say Nice words and Glow with health!

Its Valentine’s day, so say I love you to your beloveds today! But keep saying those words daily because according to clinical studies they may help keep you and the ones you love healthy.

Healthy is body, mind and spiritual balance. Words form part of mind and spiritual balance and have a profound effect on the body. Think of the feeling you get in your stomach when someone says you are a fool, or when they tell you that you are a wonderful person to work with. The difference in how you feel shows you the power of these words on you as a whole person.

‘I love you’, ‘you are wonderful’ and ‘thank you’ are all words that will flow in abundance on V day, but keep saying them to those you care for every day may not only lengthen their life and improve their health but yours as well.

Emerging research indicates that those who are actively social and in loving relationships are healthier and live longer than those feeling lonely or unloved. A study published in the Journal of Personality states that finding ways to promote meaningful positive emotions is a critical necessity for optimal physical and psychological functioning and that indeed positive emotions and positive words are good for your health.[i]

So share the loving words all round this Valentine’s Day and feel good for it!

Special Note: For those wanting to follow those words through with actions here’s a link an easy and wonderful Valentine’s Day chocolate recipe by Abigail O’Neill that will have your loved one saying all sorts of nice things to you!

[i] Tugade MM, Fredrickson BL, Barrett LF. Psychological resilience and positive emotional granularity: examining the benefits of positive emotions on coping and health. J Pers. 2004;11:1161–1190.


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