Increase Energy and Stamina for the Holidays with Cordyceps


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Need more energy and stamina for the New Year?

If last year was a big year for you, the last thing you want is to crash and burn just as you are entering the New Year. A new year can bring joy and excitement into your life, with many new possibilities, but not if you’re feeling fatigued and sluggish before it even starts. Having the stamina and energy to do the fun things you have planned in the New Year is very important. Here are some strategies to consider so that you can face what is to come with a spring in your step.

Make rest a priority

If you’ve been missing out on eight hours sleep, then try power naps to help your body cope with the decreased sleep. It amazing how uplifting a 10 minute power nap can be. Studies have shown that a nap lasting from 10-30 minutes can decrease sleepiness and fatigue, increase vigour, and brain performance. [i]

Good Food and Teas to Balance the Overindulgence Over the Holidays

Has overindulging on the holidays left you feeling fatigued and bloated? Why not try to:

  • Plan lighter meals with raw fruit or vegetable salads
  • Go for smaller meals choosing lower GI options
  • Try intermittent fasting or juicing post party to lighten the load on the digestive system
  • Drink herbal teas like green tea, peppermint, dandelion or ginger to help with digestion and cleanse the body

Drink Plenty of Fresh Water to Flush Out Toxins and Hydrate Your Cells

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Stick to water and herbal teas as much as possible especially if you’ve overindulged in the party season and are dealing with the consequences. This will give your body a rest, will help flush out toxins, boost your digestion and energy.


  • Don’t drink your calories. Most flavoured drinks have unnecessary calories and are not as hydrating as water.
  • Watch your alcohol consumption at holiday parties. Pick a sensible maximum number of drinks you will have and stick to it.
  • Have two glasses of water for every alcoholic drink, remembering alcohol is very high in calories and will also be a burden on your liver.

Cordyceps, a Supplement for Your Energy and Stamina

Supporting your body with supplements is a wise way to preventing burn out and post party season fatigue. Cordyceps is one of the most valued medicinal fungis of all Chinese Medicine.

Cordyceps may help you maintain stamina and endurance in times of stress, physical exertion and extra demand.

Codyceps, a Herbal Supplement That Can Increase Energy, and Even Help With Sports Performance

You may have heard of the wonders of Cordyceps as a result of the controversy with China’s national women’s track and field team. Cordyceps came into the public spotlight after the Chinese track and field team of 1993 broke several records whilst using this sensational herb. At first the team was accused of illicit drug use, but upon testing and further questioning they found that the trainer had the team supplementing with Cordyceps. Clinical trials and scientific literature affirm Cordyceps’ ability to assist with endurance, exercise performance and general wellbeing.

Apart from endurance, exercise performance and general wellbeing, Cordyceps is a traditional Chinese restorative tonic for convalescence, especially where there are respiratory issues such as a cough. Its benefit is primarily due to Cordyceps’ relaxing and restorative effect on the respiratory system. The use of Cordyceps to assist with respiratory health is centuries old and even today the Chinese consider Cordyceps a tonic to nourish the lungs and to dispel phlegm.

Nature’s Sunshine Cordyceps a Sustainable and High Quality Extract

Nature’s Sunshine Cordyceps

Overharvesting and greed has caused a huge decline in the availability of wild Cordyceps. This in turn is having negative effects on their natural ecosystems and may cause the fungi to become extinct in the wild.

The good news is that Nature's Sunshine Cordyceps uses CordycepsPrime™, a standardised proprietary cultivated extract of the Tibetan hyphae. The Cordyceps fungus is cultivated using a patented fermentation and culture process and is grown in a controlled environment without the need of a caterpillar, in a sustainable ecological manner. This proprietary strain of Cordyceps has been extensively studied and the only strain that can be categorised as Cordyceps sinensis. The ingredient quality is standardised and ensures that the ecology of the native habitat is not compromised. Proprietary fermentation technology enables CordycepsPrime™ to contain the highest levels and most consistent bioactives, as confirmed by in-house and 3rd party laboratory analyses. CordycepsPrime™ has been determined to be equally or more effective than wild-crafted hyphae. Nature's Sunshine Cordyceps brings you the best of traditional Chinese herbal medicine and modern science.

[i] Lahl, O. Et al(2008). "An ultra short episode of sleep is sufficient to promote declarative memory performance". Journal of Sleep Research. Vol 17, Iss. 1, pages 3–10, March 2008



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