Healthy Heart for 2014



When making plans for the New Year the best advice is to plan for good health. As we age health is not something we can afford to take for granted, therefore having a plan is essential for our wellbeing. Even though things such as illness and accidents happen, a healthy body will bounce back faster than a neglected one.

Heart disease doesn’t happen overnight, it is a gradual and preventable disease. We can all actively take steps to keep our hearts healthy through diet, exercise and supplementation. Changing lifestyle and dietary habits that add to inflammation and plaque build-up is essential.

Great things to add into our lifestyle are:


Movement- planned and increased incidental exercise, to improve circulation, removal of waste and to strengthen the heart muscle so it can keeping pumping strong well into our nineties.

Increase good fats- good fats help reduce inflammation in the body and this is very beneficial for optimal heart function.

Time out- holidays are essential to help the nervous system “reboot” and to prevent chronic stress conditions. Likewise weekly time out with friends, family and doing things you love like sports or hobbies also have very positive effects on reducing the impact of stress on the heart and body.

Get yearly check-ups- it is good to know where you are at with your health, and to monitor our improvements. General check-ups including cholesterol levels are helpful for preventing chronic illness and disease.

A heart friendly diet- high in wholegrains, fibre, fresh fruit and vegetables, lean protein and fish and low in salt, sugar and trans fats is a good start.

Supplements- there are great herbs and supplements that can support heart health and healthy aging. Nature’s Sunshine has a range of products which help support a healthy heart and circulatory system including Bergamot Cholesterol Care, Hawthorn Berries, Artichoke CholestX, Cardio-Circ and Capsicum.

vegetable and fruit heart

Herbal Help

Bergamot Cholesterol Care- has been clinically proven to assist in the maintenance of normal healthy cholesterol levels. Our product is made from the botanical extract Citrus aurantium (Bergamot), which is grown in the Calabrian region of Southern Italy and is rich in the antioxidant flavonoids melitidine and brutieridine. These compounds are believed to be the reason that Bergamot displays positive effects on healthy cholesterol levels. Bergamot may assist in the improvement of the LDL: HDL cholesterol ratio in healthy individuals and may also help to maintain normal healthy blood sugar levels, which makes it a great product for overall cardiovascular health.

Artichoke CholestX- Globe artichoke is a traditional liver remedy used to assist in the digestion of dietary fats, and to help maintain normal, healthy cholesterol levels in normal, healthy individuals.

Globe artichoke leaf supports healthy gallbladder function by stimulating bile flow from the liver to the gallbladder; this action is attributed to the active ingredient – cynarin. Adequate bile flow is important for a healthy heart as bile is involved in the breakdown of fats and their excretion via the bowel.

Hawthorn Berries- have been traditionally used to support the cardiovascular system. It has a tonic effect on the cardiovascular system, assisting in healthy circulation and blood flow. Due to its flavonoid content, Hawthorn Berries also have antioxidant activity. It has been found that the effects of Hawthorn are not achieved in a short time frame; this is why it is best to take Hawthorn over a longer term such as two or three months.

hawthron berries

Capsicum- traditionally used in herbal medicine to help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. Capsicum also known as cayenne pepper works by helping to maintain healthy blood circulation, which helps the effective transport of nutrients and provides relief for people suffering from cold extremities.

Cardio-Circ- This formula combines three herbs Hawthorn, Cayenne and Garlic, all known for their ability to support and maintain healthy peripheral blood circulation and cardiovascular function.


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