Excessive Perspiration, Night Sweats and Stress - What You Can Do?


Too much sweat can be embarrassing, and sweat and stress often come together. man sweatingPhysical heat and emotional stress are two situations where the nervous system will stimulate sweat glands to produce sweat.

Emotionally induced sweating is generally restricted to palms, soles of feet, and forehead, while physical heat produces sweating throughout the body.

Through sweating, the body usually regulates its temperature. When the body’s temperature regulation mechanisms are not functioning correctly for an extended period of time, the body’s set point for sweating can become distorted and begin triggering sweating at much lower skin temperatures and as a response to any stress not just temperature.

Sometimes people’s bodies can become imbalanced due to stress, toxicity and other factors and this may cause excessive sweating (also known as hyperhidrosis), which can result in emotional and physical discomfort.

Some people also experience night sweats due to hormonal imbalances caused by stress or menopause. While it’s normal to get a bit sweaty, if it interferes with everyday life and normal activities you may have hyperhidrosis.

Ziziphus and Schisandra have been traditionally used in Chinese Medicine to help relieve sweating. As mentioned before stress and perspiration almost always go hand in hand, so a combination of herbs to support the nervous system in times of stress and mild anxiety, such as those in Natures’s Sunshine’s Ziziphus Stress and Sleep Aid may offer much needed relief. This formula includes Ziziphus, Schisandra, Hops, Vervain and Oats, each of these herbs have their own actions that contribute to the overall effect of the formula.

Zizyphus is a Traditional Chinese herb that has been found to have sedative and hypnotic activity and antihydrotic (anti-sweat) properties. It has traditionally been used to help relieve mild anxiety, restlessness, nervous exhaustion, irritability and sweating in the nervous individual and during menopause. It may also help to relieve sleeplessness due to nervous exhaustion and mild anxiety.

Hops has traditionally been used to help relieve restlessness, excitability, and mild anxiety and is often used specifically for sleeplessness associated with nervous tension headache and/or indigestion.

Schizandra is a Traditional Chinese herb that has traditionally been used to assist physical performance, endurance and resistance to the effects of stress. It can also be used to help relieve nervous system imbalances that cause sleeplessness, excessive perspiration and irritability.

Vervain is a tonic and relaxant that has traditionally been used as a calming and restorative herb for debilitated conditions and particularly for nervous exhaustion.

Oats is considered to be a restorative to the nervous system as well as being nutritive. It is considered to be specific for nervous debility and exhaustion, and to strengthen the nervous system.

Nature’s Sunshine’s Ziziphus Stress and Sleep Aid is suitable for men and women of all ages. It is recommended to help relieve nervous tension, stress, mild anxiety and perspiration.

Ziziphus Stress and sleep Aid


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