Naturopath Tip - Keep it fruity in moderation!


Everyone is quitting Sugar- but should we quit ALL sweet things?


We all know the impact of refined sugar on our body, and there many good reasons to quit this type of sugar forever. But lately I’ve had many questions regarding fruit and whether it is healthy for us or not.

Fruit can never be put on the same level as processed cane sugar. Fruit is nutritionally complex and full of essential nutrients and enzymes like vitamin C, papain and zinc that invigorate us, that aid the body’s function and nourish it. Sugar does not do that for our bodies, refined sugar usually robs your body of those things, and that is the BIG difference.

By no means is it advisable for you to go to the other extreme and go on a diet of only fruit just because fruit is so good for you. All that is good still needs to be consumed in moderation, fruit is still converted into glucose in the body and can affect the body’s delicate balance if consumed in higher than recommended amounts.

A balanced intake of fruit is about 2- 4 portions (whatever fits in your two palms is a portion- i.e. a medium apple) per day, less of the sweeter tasting ones and more of the bitter, tart and sour ones.

Have a look at this delicious red papaya smoothie recipe:

And enjoy a fruity and nutritious boost just as nature intended.

By Sarah Chambers

BHSc. (Nat), Dip.Remedial Massage, BVA

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