Invest in what you eat

invest in health

Have you heard of the term ‘investment wardrobe’? It’s the term people use for those items of clothing they purchase that are expensive but timeless and that they will get a lot of wear and value out of.

I use this principle when it comes to food as well. I’d rather put energy and money into something my health and body will get more value out of.

Good nutrition is an investment in your health. Those who know me may have heard me passionately rant about this before.

When it comes to food I believe in wise investment of time and money. If you think of everything that you put into your mouth as an investment, you will think and feel about food very differently.

Food that is nutrient dense as well as delicious is what I prefer to spend my money and time on. For example a wholegrain lentil wrap as opposed to a take away burger.

The burger will usually be filled with calories and transfatty acids, and may actually rob your body of nutrients in order for the body to process it. A wholemeal salad and lentil or lean chicken wrap will not only be tasty (I’ll post the recipe next week if you like), but also be full of vitamins and minerals, healthy fats and protein that will leave you feeling satisfied and guilt free. Look at your meal choices and think what is this going to give me, energy and nutrients or bloating, weight gain or fatigue? Our precious health is worth the investment, and it starts one meal at a time.

By Sarah Chambers

BHSc. (Nat), Dip.Remedial Massage, BVA


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