Natural Support for Breastfeeding


Many mothers find the prospect of breastfeeding daunting, particularly these days when it is assumed that breast is best. If you don’t produce enough milk, rather than admitting defeat and feeling guilty bottle-feeding your baby, there may be a simple, natural solution.

Blessed Thistle

Is a herb that has been used traditionally since the 1500s to boost maternal milk production. This ‘bitter’ liver herb, which was reputed to be a heal-all, can also stimulate a weak appetite, therefore having a positive effect on babies who are poor feeders.


Fenugreek is a herb traditionally used for its galactogogue properties as it helps to assist in stimulating the production of breast milk in nursing mothers.

Other Tips

If you are breastfeeding remember to focus on eating whole grains and cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables, and foods that provide plenty of protein, calcium, and iron. Eat nutritious snacks like yoghurt, wholegrain sandwiches with tinned salmon, tuna or cheese, vegie sticks with hummus dip, or fresh seasonal fruit.


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