The A-Z of Herbal Actions: Alteratives


Alteratives increase the body’s eliminative processes and gradually restore optimum health. Alterative herbs were traditionally referred to as the ‘blood cleansers’ and are most effective in supporting elimination through the kidneys, liver, skin or lymphatic system.

  • Burdock Root is a herbal blood tonic, used orally or topically for itchy skin conditions. Burdock root assists the elimination of toxins through the kidneys so is useful for gout or urinary tract conditions.
  • Red Clover has historically been used as an alterative by people with outbreaks of boils, cysts or cystic acne. Use Red Clover orally or make a paste for topical applications.
  • Sarsaparilla is a blood purifier that helps remove toxins produced by bacteria from the body. Sarsaparilla is useful for teenage boys who have pustular acne that is caused by a hormonal imbalance.
  • Yellow Dock assists sluggish elimination by supporting the liver and lymphatic system. It is especially good for itchy skin when associated with constipation.
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