Want to give your joints a break but still give your body a workout?


Low impact exercise is just what you need.

Defined as an activity where one-foot always stays on the ground. No jumping involved!

Low impact exercise is great for strength and muscle building over time without putting too much stress on the joints, it can also promote weight loss, and increased cardiovascular health, as well as overall health and wellbeing.

Incorporating some of these exercise methods 2-3 times a week is a sure way to ensure health and fitness while protecting your joints.

Low impact exercises you can try:

  • Cycling – a great cardio workout that gets your heart beating. Can increase muscle strength and flexibility, joint mobility, strengthen bones, and decrease fat levels.
  • Rowing – upper and lower body workout that can improve strength and cardio fitness.
  • Rock climbing – a fun alternative to a ‘workout’ using the whole body.
  • Yoga or Pilates – calming and gentle exercises that can target muscles you never knew you had, as well as increasing flexibility and mobility.
  • Hiking or walking – great way to get outside into nature and get the blood pumping, as well as a nice way to relax the mind and stretch the legs.
  • Swimming or water aerobics – perfect exercise where joints are off the hook, but your cardio fitness can be tested.
  • Dancing – a fun way to get the blood pumping and let loose, can increase flexibility, mobility, and coordination.


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