Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I take my herb capsules or supplements with meals?

The presence of food in the stomach stimulates the production of acids and enzymes that are needed for digestion and proper absorption of nutrients. It doesn’t really matter which meal you take them with, some people prefer breakfast and dinner for convenience. Whether you take herbs or supplements before or after a meal doesn’t really matter either, the only exception being digestive enzymes, such as our Protein Digestive Aid, and liver stimulant herbs which should be taken before meals.

Why do some tablets have a speckled look?

Speckles may be visible in some tablets and are due to the natural plant materials or ingredients. Providing the product is still within its expiration period and has been stored according to label directions you shouldn’t be concerned.

Why is there sometimes a colour variation in capsules from bottle to bottle?

Herbs are a natural plant material and therefore colour variations may occur from batch to batch. Don’t be alarmed as Nature’s Sunshine’s strict Quality Assurance methods ensure each herb undergoes a microscopic evaluation to determine and validate exactly which plant species and plant part is being used before it goes into the capsule or tablet.

I’m a vegetarian and don’t like to take gelatin capsules. How can I still get the benefits of what’s in the capsule?

Nature’s Sunshine gelatin capsules can be twisted open and the contents made into a tea, or sprinkled on food for those desiring not to swallow a capsule.

I found a bottle of herb capsules in the cupboard and the use by date has expired. Can I still take them?

Encapsulated herbs generally carry a three to five year expiration while concentrated herbs, standardised extracts and vitamins and minerals are generally 2 years unless specified otherwise. Complementary medicines, while natural, are considered ‘medicinal’ and should be treated the same as you would any medicine i.e. the bottle should be used up and not stored for any great length of time. Stability testing determines the expiration dates on our products, ensuring the active ingredients are present at the end of the product’s shelf life. It is recommended that if a product is past its expiration date then the product should be disposed of.

How should I store my product?

As the label suggests, all therapeutic goods should be stored under 30 degrees C, in a cool, dry place. NSP products are all packaged in HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) containers to protect against moisture and light, ensuring product integrity.

What does SynerSup mean?

Nature’s Sunshine uses an exclusive excipient cruciferous vegetable base of Broccoli, Cabbage Leaf, Carrot Root, Red Beetroot, Rosemary, Tomato and Turmeric to further enhance the product’s therapeutic value. So when you see the word SynerSup on a product label you can be assured the vegetable base is included in the formula.

I have heard some products contain Excipients. What are these?

Excipients are mostly used in the tabletting process as manufacturing aids. For example a tablet coating is an excipient - without it a tablet may prove difficult to swallow. Another example might be a lubricant which is needed sometimes to prevent a tablet from sticking to machinery. Some people think excipients are harmful but this is not the case. A quality tablet requires excipients to be used and NSP use the finest excipients that are known to be safe and meet our strict quality control requirements.

Do any of your products contain Gluten?

Yes they do. A small number of herbs such as Oat Seed, Oat Bran, Wheatgrass and Wheat Germ naturally contain Gluten. For people with Gluten sensitivity (Coeliac disease) products containing these herbs should be avoided. However those with grain sensitivities may be able to take these products without any problem. In the event a product contains one of these ingredients the label will always indicate “Contains Gluten” or “May contain Gluten”.

Can I give herbs and supplements to my children?

In Herbal Medicine an adult is considered 12 years of age and can therefore take the adult dosage recommended on the label. The general rule of thumb is that the dosage should be halved for children aged 6-12 years unless the label specifically states ‘Not recommended for Children’. For children aged under 6 years it is always wise to consult a professional health care practitioner before administering herbal medicines, particularly when dealing with sedative or laxative herbs.

I am lactose intolerant. Can I take your herbs and supplements?

Yes you can. Herbs do not contain lactose. Some products such as probiotics or digestive enzymes, where a starting material may involve lactose, should be avoided. It is a labelling requirement that products containing Lactose should be stated on the product label.

Can supplements be used while I’m on medication?

This will depend on the medication. Some herbs will interact with medicines. It is always best to check with your Doctor or Pharmacist if on medication before taking a herbal medicine or supplement.